For those business people who visit, expand, or invest in Israel, cooperating with local companies and getting their inputs is an invaluable part of Israel market entry.


We offer this page so that our Japanese readers have a greater understanding about the entities in Israel (including KEYZUNA) that focus on Japan. Here is some information about them.

Governmental Japanese offices in Israel

Japanese Embassy in Israel

Mr. Motoki Kurita, Commercial Attaché

The Commercial Section assists Japanese visitors to get a macro view of Israel’s business and political situation.  Trends, major events and statistics are covered in the detailed regular Newsletter.


Mr. Tomohiro Yoden, Managing Director

The main purpose of JETRO Tel Aviv is to develop business relationships between both Israel and Japan, and the West Bank/ Gaza Strip and Japan.

Bilateral Associations

Israel Japan Friendship Society/Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Zeev Weiss, Chairman

Ms. Sophiya Berezansky, General Manager

This non-profit organization works towards developing and nurturing economic, financial, and cultural ties between Israel and Japan.

Private businesses in Israel


Mr Yony Golan

Jakore focuses primarily on assisting Israeli high-tech companies (both start-up and established) to expand into Japan and other parts of Asia.

Samurai Incubate

Ms. Shirley Binder

Samurai Incubate is a venture capital firm that provides investment or incubation services to entrepreneurs from pre-seed to seed. They have a co-working space in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Ms. Vered Farber

The Asian Institute (TASI) is a company that supports Israeli companies expanding into Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China.

I.J Do

Mr. Dror Rotter

Ms. Neta Kalmanson

I.J. Business Do specializes in establishing trade relations between Israeli and Japanese companies and marketing Israeli products and technologies in Japan.

Japan Israel Consulting

Ms. Yifat Vered

Japan Israel Consulting & Business Development mainly develops support services for Israeli companies expanding into Japan.

Corundum Innovation

Mr. Ilan Kieselstein

Corundum Innovation, an investment company based in Japan and Israel, encourages cooperation and collaboration between promising Israeli startups and Japanese companies.

Pearl Cohen law office

Mr. Guy Lachmann – Japan Group

The Japan Group plays a significant role in assisting both Japanese and Israeli companies that are expanding their businesses to each of these markets.

Herzog Fox & Neeman law office

Mr. Gilad Majerowicz – Japan Practice

This law firm has extensive experience in M&A and investment translations in the high-tech field. It is also a major promoter of business relations between Israel and Japan.

Meitar law office

Mr. Yoav Sade/ Ms. Dana Yagur – Japan Group

The law firm is experienced in supporting Japanese corporations that are doing or seeking business in Israel and helping to expand their commercial ties.

Weiss, Porat & Co law office

Mr Zeev Weiss

The law firm has extensive expertise in working in the Japanese market and has participated in several Japan-Israel investment projects. Mr. Weiss is also Chairman of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce.

Vertex Ventures

Mr. David Heller

This is a leading Venture Capital firm in Israel with extensive experience in the Japanese market. It assists Japanese companies to deepen their connection to Israel.

Hanaco Venture Capital

Mr. Alon Lifshitz

This is a leading Venture Capital firm in Israel focused on the main growth areas in High-Tech. They have strong connections to Japanese technology companies.