Israel has the highest density of start-ups per capita. In fact, the country boasts one start-up for every 1,700 inhabitants.


Attracting growing Japanese attention


Japanese technologists and manufacturers note that Israel is highly focused on technology and innovation. Per capita R&D spending and venture capital investment is among the highest anywhere. Here are some of the key technology fields.




Israel technology is a focus for many people, starting at an early age. The number of scientists and technicians per 10,000 employees is one of the highest ratios in the world. For Japanese technologists and manufacturers, Israel technology is a much desired asset. They have learned that Israeli collaborators on a high-tech project will be committed, strong team players and will produce consistently high quality. Here are some of the key fields.


The Israeli cyber security sector attracted more than $1 billion in private investments in 2018, a 22% increase over 2017. This sector has become the second richest cyber ecosystem globally after the USA.

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Israel’s IOT activity is taking the lead in developing IOT solutions for many different applications. In the dynamic IT environment there’s a massive focus towards Internet-related projects.

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Auto Tech

No review of High Tech in Israel can be complete without the Auto Tech branch. It’s a dynamic and growing part of the whole innovation effort. In what way is it making its mark?

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Water Tech

Israel  water tech is extraordinary. This country manages to make the most from the water that surrounds it – rainwater, reused water and sea water. Israel also hopes to bring greater water supplies to its neighbors.

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Agrifood Tech

For decades, Israel has led the way in Agrifood-Tech innovations – in crops, livestock and marine life. This energy to keep looking for new paths to sustainability has inspired countless other nations to benefit from Israel’s experience and innovation.

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Israel’s Fintech industry has become a leader in financial innovation, with skills that include cybersecurity, big data analytics and AI. The local Fintech community is highly motivated, with an eye on global business.

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Many Japanese companies visiting Israel for ‘innovation search’ wish to meet start-ups. Maybe one can make a difference to their business?  Here’s an objective look at the Israeli start-up scene.

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