Japanese visitors attending CYBERTECH Israel in January 2020

The event runs from 28-30 January. Come prepared for high-value B2B meetings.

Cyber is one of the main areas of interest to the Japanese technology community. It is strongly supported by CYBERTECH events in all five continents and throughout the year.  The Tokyo event in November 2019 will host innovators from around the world. So why should Japanese visitors also come to CYBERTECH TEL AVIV in January 28-30, 2020?

A well-planned Israel trip

It’s all about Israel as the ‘Innovation Nation’. There will be lots of local Israeli innovators who exhibit and many others who can be contacted in ‘outreach’ activities. Here is the opportunity to truly investigate the Israeli scene in depth, on the ground. But the journey to find the ‘right fit’ for a Japanese company is still a long one. It needs local resources.

At KEYZUNA we suggest – “Invest some time and effort in advance planning and investigation. Use local dedicated (and Japanese-speaking) people to identify the innovators who can make a difference to your business.” This gives you a huge advantage over Japanese companies that rely only on last-minute contacts.

Doing advance planning and investigation means that when you arrive in Israel you will have several B2B meetings arranged. You will also benefit from all the additional opportunities that you will find during your visit to the CYBERTECH TEL AVIV show and other places.

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2020 Cyber show will be the strongest ever

CYBERTECH TEL AVIV is the flagship event and the largest of its kind outside USA borders. There will be strong representation at both the Start-Up and the Established Company levels. In 2019 there were over 18,000 attendees, 160 delegations, 200 companies, 90 start-ups and over 180 speakers. This time, the numbers will be even more impressive!

Why is KEYZUNA promoting the January 2020 event several months in advance? Because in the complex Israeli cyber scene, with so many layers of skills, it takes a lot of time and effort to identify the right connections. Our dedicated team is at your service, to undertake highly customized work just for you. After we understand your business needs very carefully, we will look in depth to find the innovators who respond positively to those needs. Then we will send you information about them so that you can choose which ones to meet in Israel. Our work is undertaken about 6-8 weeks before your trip.

To return to Japan with some valuable contacts (when you have already made some investigation) can make all the difference.

We would be delighted to talk to you.

Mike Druttman (in English) – mike@keyzuna.com – +972-52-871-0337

Kuniko Cohen (in Japanese) – kuniko@keyzuna.com – +972-52-334-7365