Japan’s close bond with Israel


Since 2000, Japanese investments in Israel have totaled over $7 billion in more than 250 investment deals.


The place for innovation


Japanese investors comprise multinationals like Softbank, SBI, Mitsui, Hitachi, NTT, Mitsubishi and ORIX. In their search for technology solutions to help them beat global competitors, these firms identify Israel as a key source of innovation.


KEYZUNA joined the business environment in 2019 at a time when many more Japanese from smaller companies began to arrive in Israel.  We saw that such firms had difficulties in making high-quality contacts on their first visit, so we determined to give them essential Japan-Israel support through our highly focused and dedicated work.

To help build the bond between Japan and Israel, KEYZUNA was founded by Mike Druttman and Kuniko Cohen, who have business knowledge of both countries. We focus exclusively on Japan-Israel support. Overcoming language and culture barriers, we strive to help both sides find lasting business relationships.


 Mike Druttman 

Founder and Executive Manager


“Our Japanese visitors should get the best chances to make an Israeli connection.”


Mike is a skilled business communicator with extensive experience in helping companies to enter and grow in international markets. These skills have been applied both to Israeli companies and others in the USA, UK, France, Turkey and the UAE.


Born in the UK and living in Israel for over 40 years, Mike has been closely involved with a wide range of Israeli businesses working across the technology spectrum – Software, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Security, Agriculture, and more.


In recent years, Mike’s primary goal has been to support Japanese business people looking for innovative ideas and to be their first ‘base’ in Israel. He is an active member of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce.

 Mike Druttman 

Co-Founder and Executive Manager


“Our Japanese visitors should get the best chances when they come here.”


Mike is an expert English business communicator who knows how to take existing (long) content and shape it into short and compelling messages for Western audiences.


His abilities cover many markets and industries. They extend into many inter-related areas – websites, presentations, articles, speaker support, public relations, business documents and more.


Mike has worked for many companies, both large and small, in Israel and in several overseas countries. His experience covers projects in High-tech, Medical tech, Industry, Security, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Services, Hospitality and Professionals.

 Kuniko Tsuruoka Cohen 

Japan Specialist


“Motivating the people of both cultures is a challenge and a valuable asset.”


Kuniko is one of the few native Japanese people who have lived and worked in a business environment in Israel for over 30 years. This unique experience has given her a deep understanding of each nation’s cultural and business aspects. She has worked  faithfully and constantly towards building a stronger Japan-Israel bond.


Many Israeli companies have benefitted from Kuniko’s inputs when seeking market entry into Japan. She has also supported Japanese companies interested in Israel to get valuable information, make contacts and communicate.


Her close links with all parties involved with bilateral relations include the Japanese Embassy in Israel, JETRO and the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce. She is fluent in English and Hebrew.


About our KEYZUNA name:  絆  was chosen as Japan’s Kanji of 2011 after the Fukushima disaster because of its meaning as ‘bond’ or ‘connections between people’. The ‘KEY’ in the name also stresses our support for Japan-Israel support and collaboration.