Why direct flights to Israel will benefit smaller Japanese businesses

When you can fly directly to a country, in less time and for less cost, that country is considered more open and accessible. It indicates an upgrade in international relations. This is what is happening between Japan and Israel.

Starting in March 2020, there will be direct regular flights between the two countries, beginning with El Al but probably involving Japan Air as well. Japan and Israel will move closer to each other. It is expected that greater numbers of Japanese businessmen will come to Israel. No doubt, many more of them will be from smaller enterprises.

For the smaller Japanese company, Israeli innovation can be very appealing. Like with larger companies, developing new ideas and directions will enhance their market advantage. But because they are smaller, the decision-making to reach this goal can be more rapid. Israel is built on faster decision-making.

The larger Japanese companies that come to Israel don’t need to return with specific B2B contacts. They are satisfied to make the 9000 kilometer trip to Israel via indirect flights and just get just a general impression. However, the smaller companies will probably need to justify more concrete results for their investment.

If they make advance preparations and use an Israeli-based marketing agency (such as Keyzuna) to investigate potential innovators ahead of time, they are far more likely to benefit from very relevant B2B meetings when they arrive.

They will be able to say, on their return flight: “We came to Israel to appreciate the local innovation ecosystem. We also had a few valuable meetings towards our business goals. We have contacts to follow up now. It has been a very useful trip.”

This is more than many larger companies are achieving right now.